Mayrau shred fest – English

Mayrau Shred Fest is the culmination of the racing season in the Czech Republic for the 2024 Czech Republic championship. It is the final race of several in the Czech Republic, and this year, it will make history as the first event to be part of the European Onewheel League (EOL).

You can look forward to several disciplines, none of which will be boring, whether it’s the race on the MTB track or, for example, a chair riding competition. We’ll have features for tricks as well (kickers, rails/slide blocks, bonk rocks, etc.).


The race takes place right next to the Mayrau open-air museum. The Mayrau Mining Museum is a technical museum located in the village of Vinařice near Kladno at the site of the former Mayrau mine, also known as Mayrovka (1946–1958 Fierlinger I mine, 1958–1990 Gottwald II).

The race is held on an MTB track built on forested heaps created by storing spoil from coal mining at Mayrovka. This gives the track a unique shape and profile. While riding on the track, competitors pass several artifacts from the days the mine was still operational.

The track itself was created a few years ago with the help of the Central Bohemian Region. It is now jointly maintained by the Velo Academy and the Czechoslovak Onewheel Association.


The entire 1700m MTB track is located in a wooded environment on former spoil heaps, winding its entire length in the pleasant shade of trees. On the track, one encounters turns, berms, roots, rocky sections, several descents and ascents, as well as faster sections on the finish stretch.


The main race consists of two qualifying rides, from which groups for the final rides will be determined (16-8-4). The final rides will be done in groups of four and will be elimination-based. The time trials will be measured by a time measuring system.

The chair race will take place in pairs on an obstacle course. It will be elimination-based.


Day 1 – Friday

15:00Mayrau is being opened
Rest of the dayFree ride

Day 2 – Saturday

8:30Free ride
9:00Registration start
9:30Free ride end
10:00Registration end
10:30-12:30Race 1
12:50-14:50Race 2
17:30Chair race

Day 3 – Sunday

11:00Groupride start
18:00Groupride end

This schedule is for now without exact times, we will update it before the event.
On the race day, there will be a bar with alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, and the atmosphere will be dialed in by several DJs. A medic will also be present on the race day.


Price: Trail 69EUR, Trail + chair race 74EUR, Limited edition shirt 27EUR


Trail – 50.1643006N, 14.0841331E
Parking – 50.1653925N, 14.0850281E


Václav Havel Airport <–> Shred Fest 25 km
Prague center <–> Shred fest 35km



Mayrau shred fest